frequently asked questions

Who creates all your pieces?

That would be me. All my designs are created by myself in my home studio, currently in Melbourne, Australia.

I am a new business owner and don’t know where to start.

A logo design is the best starting point but lots of elements go into launching a brand, and these elements really depend on your business model and vision, so it is best to drop me an email and we can discuss your business needs.

I love your work but I can’t afford you. Do you offer deals?

Branding and visual content is a long term investment but I understand that not every business is ready to take the financial plunge at start-up stage. You are welcome to enquire about how we can work together with limited finances but please let me know your budget straight up.

Are you open to trades?

What can you tempt me with?

Do you run private workshops?

I most certainly do! It’s one of my favourite things to do!

I run one-to-one classes or workshops up to 20 people. If you would like to host a class or workshop for a hen do, birthday event, office party, or just because you and your girlfriends need an excuse for a catch up, drop me an email and we can discuss all the details and tailor-make a truly special, memorable event for you.

Can I hire you to draw at an event?

You can hire me to illustrate at your business launch, a fashion show or even your guests at your wedding! I have hosted all kinds of activations for businesses, and illustrated some beautiful personal events too.

Do you photograph private events?

I sure can! Always delighted to be part of capturing memories so get in touch with details of your event and lock in the hours that you need me for.


I work for an agency. Can we hire you to shoot for our clients?

Certainly can! I work with lots of brands and agencies, and the rates are the same as businesses booking directly. The only difference is that I ask that you credit myself (@twinewoodstudio) when publishing on your agency’s digital and social media platforms including your website. This is not expected of the client themselves, although a tag or credit is always highly appreciated where possible.

Can you come and work with me for a day?

Absolutely! I love meeting new people and working on your business with you. Just let me know when you need me and I’ll bring my camera equipment, sketchbook, creative brain and everything else you need to create a beautiful brand and marketing strategy.

If we cover the cost, how far are you willing to travel?

I love taking photographs on location and travelling. The world is fair game!

Can I interview you for my blog?

Sure thing! You can download my media kit here and anything else you would like to know, just send me an email. I love to read this articles too so please send me a link when your blog is live.

Can I share your images on social media?

You are very welcome to share my images but please share the love too! Any images you use must be credited so give me a tag @twinewood. If you have purchased a piece of artwork for your home, I’d love to see where it ends up so please tag @twinewoodstudio or email me those snaps too so that I can be a nosey neighbour!

Do you offer wholesale options on your products?

Yes. If you have a wholesale enquiry, please feel free to contact me directly.