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FREE RESOURCES | Send yourself some love

This Valentine’s Day is going to be all about the self-love. No I’m not single and just saying that because I don’t want to think the whole Valentine’s Day thing is getting to me. I am saying it because self-love is so important and on a day that is all about celebrating everybody’s love for one another, it is particularly important to remember yourself on that list of Valentines

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WORKSPACES | 4 Melbourne Cafes to Inspire Your Creative Side

As a creative business owners, I spend a lot of my time working from my study or kitchen table but sometimes a change of scenery really helps to get those creative juices flowing. So I thought I would share with you my favourite spots that inspire me, no matter what sort of mood I am in!

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WORKSHOP REVIEW | Essential Oils with Jason Bourne

If you’re anything like me, you spend your days rushing from one project to another daydreaming about finding a few moments to just slow down and spend some time with your own thoughts. My evening with Jason and the team at You Can You Know was exactly the excuse I have been dreaming of

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