WORKSHOP REVIEW | Posy Making with HiPetal

Flowers in my home aren’t a luxury, they are an essential. My house is continually filled with pot plants in all shapes and sizes, beautiful fresh flower arrangements from the local market, an array of windowsill fruit and veggie plants, and every other kind of greenery that you can think of! So when the talented team of creatives behind HiPetal reached out to ask if I would like to attend their Melbourne flower arranging workshop, I couldn’t say yes quick enough!

These immensely talented and green-thumbed creatives sources their stunning seasonal botanicals from local suppliers meaning each posy supports the local market as well as being perfectly styled. Having worked with the team before when hosting my own workshop, I knew I was in for a treat and set off on my mission to learn as much as I could from them and return with a beautiful handmade posy of my own.

The evening began with the wow factor: entering the stunning space that is Hobba (a dazzling converted warehouse with a breathtaking interior and a generous scattering of hanging plants in the heart of Prahran) was an experience in itself. I often work from this kooky cafe during the day but to see it a night was amazing.


The venue was alive with chitter chatter, mostly as I soon came to realise about the incredible feast that had been laid on! HiPetal delighted the attendees with one of their signature grazing tables piled high with cheeses, breads, fruit, and all manner of delicious treats including two beautifully adorned buttercream cakes. It was a food challenge that we were all too ready to accept!

Alison, the talented florist running the event, began the event with an introduction to the flowers that we would be using during the workshop which for someone who loves botanicals but knows none of their names was an absolute relief!

A detailed demonstration of which flowers to arrange first, and how to position each of the botanicals in the posy followed, and I was filled with confidence. The team broke down the process into simple steps that were easy to follow, and make the mammoth task of creating a beautiful posy from the collection of daughtingly delicate botanicals displayed on our tables seem simple and not so overwhelming!

Then it was straight to work.


Of course the team made it look very easy and creating a stunning arrangement took me considerably more time and looked much less effortless than when Alison and co. demonstrated BUT I managed it!

As I looked around at the other guests’ creations in the room, I was stunned by just how different everybody’s beautiful arrangements were. Some were delicate and tactile, other bold and expressive. Considering we were all given similar starting materials, we all managed to inject a bit of our own personalities into the arrangements that we created and as a result, produced completely different compositions. It was beautiful see!

I managed to squeeze in a quick chat with the busy host herself before the event wrapped up for the evening too!


Tell me a little bit about your role at Hi Petal Melbourne.

I am the very proud owner and director of Hi Petal Melbourne! We are made up of a small team of 3 and anything we do comes from a team effort that almost always involves all three of us! We wouldn't be where we are without the energy and hard work of Grace and Caz. They mean the world to me and I love working with them!

What did you most enjoy about hosting the workshop?

We tried to touch on as many Hi Petal elements as we could in the workshop. We really wanted to share with the class what we are all about and at the end of the day that is making seasonal posies and now grazing! I would have to say showcasing the grazing side of the business was at the top of the list but a close second was watching everyone create their posies. You could really see the satisfaction each and everyone got out of the finished product and that is a really special part about our day-to-day job I think almost everyone felt.

When will you host another?

We hope to host another one next year. We are thinking Autumn!

Fantastic! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for tickets! Who should attend your workshops?

Everyone and anyone is welcome! From all ages and all experience. I couldn't help notice we had a few groups of girls there on the night, I think it really suited to being a fun girls night out with a side of cheese and of course posy making.

Any top tips for my readers?

When creating a posy I think following with our philosophy at Hi Petal works every time and that is to use seasonal ingredients! Flowers are ALWAYS looking their best when they are at the height of their season, no matter what the flower is! I particularly love using seasonal ingredients because it supports our local growers, they look after us supplying their beautiful, fresh produce, how could we not support them back!


Like the sound of this workshop and want to try it for yourself? Check out HiPetal’s website and socials below for more information about upcoming workshops and the fabulous services that the team have to offer:

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