ON MY DESK | Emotion Discs for Little Big Learning

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I love businesses that are on a mission. Little Big Learning are a 100% Australian owned and operated business on a mission to bring beautifully designed, modern Montessori inspired products into every home, and I was super stoked when they reached out to me to develop a series of circular discs depicting a range of emotions for them to distribute to families all over Australia.

All Little Big Learning’s collections are beautifully designed and incredibly crafted so I was delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside them to create a product that was both practical and visually stunning.

Little Big Learning asked me to create a set of eight feeling and emotion discs that aim to foster emotional learning in 1 - 5 year olds. Each disc features an original illustration and sight word to encourage understanding of feelings and develop children’s emotional intelligence.

Understanding feelings, learning how to deal with disappointment, frustration and sadness are the building blocks of resilience in our children, and these beautiful emotion discs are the initial stepstone to teaching children how to identify, communicate and work with the emotions that they are feeling.

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