WORKSHOP REVIEW | Essential Oils with Jason Bourne

In a world where things seem to be perpetually moving faster than ever, it’s nice to know that there are people in this universe who can make even the most uptight whirlwinds like myself take a moment to relax, focus, and just stop. If you’re anything like me, you spend your days rushing from one project to another daydreaming about finding a few moments to just slow down and spend some time with your own thoughts. My evening with Jason and the team at You Can You Know was exactly the excuse I have been dreaming of.

With a pipette in one hand, my beautiful sister at my side, and a in a room filled with beautiful aromas, I was so excited to finally be learning the ins and outs of using essential oils.

The class was off to a fabulous start with the appearance of Skittles for a taste/smell test, and the introduction of our host, Jason Bourne, yes you did read that correctly!

Guided by the talented Jason and his lovely husband, we were able to blend divine smelling scents to our own tastes and create a sensual or relaxing bedroom spray, and a dream pillow to encourage a great night’s sleep.

Taking their cues from therapeutic grade essential oils, Jason and the team take all the nasties out of everyday products and replace them with simple, divine smelling, natural recipes.

I absolutely adored this workshop. I loved the energy, the enthusiasm of our beautiful host, the relaxing pace and the heaps of quality information that we were all able to take away from the class. I left the workshop feeling with such an inspiring insight into this elusive world of essential oils, and felt confident enough to start blending my own scents and sprays, which I am in the process of doing now (Christmas present spoiler alert!).

Like the sound of this workshop and want to try it for yourself? Check out Jason’s website below for more information about upcoming workshops and the fabulous services that him and the team have to offer:


Essential Oils

This workshop was hosted by the lovely team over at Laneway Learning. They run a heap of different classes in anything and everything with some super talented people! Check out their links below for more information about upcoming classes:

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